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The 1 Day Refund is about making changes across your world that will build capacity for you to have the space to do what you really want, or need, to do.

Capacity is both:

  • the maximum amount that something can contain.
  • the amount that something can produce.

This quiz, and subsequent report, is about the second line of this description. Acknowledging and leveraging the resources required to produce stuff.

The customised report you will receive after answering a few simple questions will give you a personalised savings plan to achieve your 1-Day Refund.  It is a very specific plan to take back your time and spend it wisely so you can find a way to have the right amount of thinking, breathing, living and working space.

In a nutshell, have the capacity to get done what needs to get done.

Doing this quiz and considering the savings plan provided is an important and productive step towards taking back your most valuable resource, time. It will help you find a way to have a 1-Day refund, which you can then choose to spend wisely.

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