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Weighty decisions

My friend Brian is a shift worker. He has always found it challenging to keep aspects of his life under control, particularly his health. Following the decelerate, decompress and decide framework, he was able to make significant improvements to his health that had a knock-on effect in other aspects of his life.

He had been told he was pre-diabetic and had stopped running, something he had loved doing in the past. Within six months of taking time out for himself (decelerating), assessing what he needed to do (decompressing) and putting his health first (deciding), he had shed 30 kg, was running again, and had his blood tests back within the normal range.

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It Works!

‘I can’t afford to get sick!’ I’m sure we’ve all said this from time to time. It was Deborah’s catchcry. Her household was a typically busy one with two working parents and school-aged kids. Deborah... More
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