Organisations have always asked ‘how do we get the most done in the shortest amount of time?’. The question for us as individuals is, ‘how can I best spend my own time?’ Donna makes work work and in this brilliant addition to her productivity series, she tackles the relationship between work and time, and shows us how to get a refund of our most valuable commodity – time.

We all remember a great teacher. Holding attention. Caring to make important matters practical and bringing joy to life. Donna is such a teacher. She brings care, attention and practicality into her teaching and writing about time, every time. In her latest book The 1-Day Refund, Donna puts a powerful promise on the cover, that’s not left hanging. It’s great to know there’s a bit of science behind the 85% that yields flow, Donna then delivers the ideas, tools and techniques to think differently about how we achieve this. How we govern time ourselves makes for a better leader in each of us.

The 1-Day Refund completes Donna’s ‘Trilogy on Time’ - it’s a great bookend to her teaching and writing on being effective with the time we have available and making life better for everyone.

Anyone who can give me back an extra day each week is a total genius!

Thanks Donna.

The productivity section of the self-help bookshelf has never been my cup of tea. The genre has always been so intensely focused on maximising our ability to produce stuff that it rarely seemed conducive to actually enjoying a full and balanced life.

For that reason, Donna McGeorge's contributions deserve to be a category unto themselves. The 25 Minute Meeting and The First 2 Hours are each a gift to those of us that want to unshackle ourselves from the busyness of the status quo and embrace a life of calm and control. In that vein, I think the book you hold in your hands might be Donna's coup-de-grace. The stand-out quote from the introduction is "Instead of trading time for money, we need to trade energy for impact", which resonates down to my soul, and in true Donna McGeorge style the pages that follow describe and unpack a strategy for helping you achieve exactly that.

Since reading this book I'm trying a number of the experiments Donna suggests, with some very encouraging results. If you too deserve a day of your time back, I heartily endorse Donna and the ideas shared in this book.

This isn’t a book, it’s a time machine and we all need it.

Read the book, get an extra day back every week! Genius.

They say you can’t manufacture time… they were wrong.  Donna’s book defies the laws of normal life.

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Jenny is a change-management coach and facilitator who also teaches leadership development. She first heard about the 1-Day Refund when I spoke at a conference in early 2021, and she immediately began... More
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The 1 Day RefundThe 1 Day Refund has been released.

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