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We all remember a great teacher. Holding attention. Caring to make important matters practical and bringing joy to life. Donna is such a teacher. She brings care, attention and practicality into her teaching and writing about time, every time. In her latest book The 1-Day Refund, Donna puts a powerful promise on the cover, that’s not left hanging. It’s great to know there’s a bit of science behind the 85% that yields flow, Donna then delivers the ideas, tools and techniques to think differently about how we achieve this. How we govern time ourselves makes for a better leader in each of us.

The 1-Day Refund completes Donna’s ‘Trilogy on Time’ - it’s a great bookend to her teaching and writing on being effective with the time we have available and making life better for everyone.

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Jenny is a change-management coach and facilitator who also teaches leadership development. She first heard about the 1-Day Refund when I spoke at a conference in early 2021, and she immediately began... More
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The 1 Day RefundThe 1 Day Refund has been released.

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